Drop off & Pick up

For vehicle drop offs:
  • Continuously drive forward until you are bumper to bumper with the car in front of you, or directed otherwise from school employee or other designated traffic attendant.
  • Have your child exit the vehicle on the passenger side quickly and safely.
  • Have your child ready to exit the vehicle after you have stopped in the drop-off zone. This means students have their jackets, backpacks, and masks ready to exit the vehicle. Please do not put items in the trunk or in another seat as no one is to exit the vehicle.
  • When it is safe to do so, and one car at a time, make a U-turn around the cones and drive carefully and slowly back through the parking lot. Please make a right-hand turn only on to Hazel Ave. when exiting.
Please Do Not:
● Cut in line to take an open spot to drop off your child.
● Get out of the vehicle to help your child.
● Store your child’s backpack inside the trunk.
● Leave your car unattended in the drop-off zone.
● Have a conversation in the drop-off zone.
● Park in non-designated areas of the parking lot.
● Park in the fire lane segment of the drop-off zone.
For parking vehicles and then walking up to school entrance:

● Park vehicle in spaces along the south end of the school property.
● Leave disable parking open for those in need in accordance with vehicle code.
● Please do not park in spaces that have been marked for school or building personnel.
● Walk safely along the pedestrian sidewalks to our designated drop off area.

Please note these are the “default procedures” applicable to most students. If a student with special needs requires modifications, please contact the Principal to work out an alternative procedure.
  • Please schedule a time to speak with the office or teacher regarding school related issues, or park your car and phone into the office.
  • Walk safely and accompany your child when crossing the parking lot and bring them to the entrance.
  • Please stay 6 feet apart from those not in you immediate family and wear a face covering upon entering and exiting our campus.
American River Parking Lot