How to Pre-Order

All breakfast and lunches need to be “Pre-Ordered” through the Lunch Portal. After you sign into the portal, you will be able to make your selection. If you DO NOT already have a Lunch Account set up, click on Lunch Portal to create an account.
  1.  Login to the Lunch Portal
  2.  Click “Meal Pre-Order”
  3.  Click on student name
  4.  Click the desired dates
  5.  Click “Save Selection”
After completing your child's pre-order through the portal, you WILL NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION. This is due to the software. We have suggestions to help you when you need to remember if your child has a lunch ordered for the week. 
  1. Take a screenshot in the Lunch Portal of the days you pre-ordered. 
  2. Print out the menu for the month and mark the days you pre-ordered. 
If you have questions regarding the Lunch Portal or want to make a suggestion to add confirmation, please contact LunchTime at 1-800-963-0780.
For details, see How to Pre-Order Guide